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  • 48 hours

    in Niğde

    Begin the day early with a local breakfast and then head to the Tyana Aqueducts (Tyana Su Kemerleri) and Roman Pool (Roma Havuzu), a 25-minute drive from the Niğde city centre. After visiting the Roman-era structures, you can go to Köşk Tumulus (Köşk Höyük). After, visit the Niğde Museum (Niğde Müzesi), Niğde Castle (Niğde Kalesi), Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi), Alaaddin Mosque (Alaaddin Cami) and Sungur Bey Mosque (Sungur Bey Cami) in the Niğde city centre of Niğde, and then head to Gümüşler Monastery (Gümüşler Manastırı). After visiting the monastery, take a break for lunch and visit Cullaz Street (Cullaz Caddesi) in the city, after a delicious meal.