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    In the middle of the Cappadocia Region, the heart shaped Narlıgöl (Narlı Lake) crater lake captivates visitors with its romantic appearance and its stunning views throughout the four seasons. Narlıgöl also draws attention with its geothermal waters. At a temperature of 65 ° C, the lake’s healing mineral waters are carried into hot springs and baths in the area and in hotels. The waters are also rich in calcium, sodium and bicarbonate and often used to treat various illnesses. In Acıgöl (Acı Lake), particularly, the water is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and skin diseases, especially psoriasis.

    Çiftehan Hot Springs

    There are two main springs at Çiftehan Hot Springs (Çiftehan Kaplıcaları), Çelikli and Kükürtlü. The water temperature is between 49 and 52 ° C. Çiftehan’s thermal spring waters, with a pH value of 7.5-7.8, contain a combination of sulphate, chlorine, sodium, and calcium. These mineral-rich waters, which are suitable for bathing and drinking cures, are thought to have a positive effect on ailments such as rheumatism, nerve and gynaecological conditions, and skin and nutrition disorders. The spa centre offers baths and pools, as well as radiation and physical therapy applications.